Prince Harry must bid farewell to the queen while the royal staff prepares for his return


ROYAL AIDPERS prepare for the return of Prince Harry – in the face of a possible conviction by the Queen.

The staff was instructed to prepare Frogmore Cottage – but Meghan was not mentioned.

The news of the visit comes after Harry handed over a “substantial sum” to pay the rent and settle the bill for the taxpayer-financed renovation of his British home, worth £2.4 million.

The Queen returned to work in Windsor this week and was able to speak face to face with her grandson in the castle gardens.

This happened after palace insiders warned Harry not to “cross the border” when he spoke about US policy.

One source told The Sun: “Windsor personnel were instructed to prepare for the possibility that Harry might return.

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“They were told it could be within weeks, but Meghan’s name was not mentioned.

“There are all kinds of issues to discuss – not only his political statements, but also his visa situation in the US.

“Even if he had to isolate himself for two weeks, the estate is large enough for talks in a socially distanced way.

The Duke, who signed a £112 million Netflix deal with Meghan, has been in the US for more than 183 days, which means he could be liable to pay taxes there.

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