Veronica Mars’ star Jason Dohring talks about the fourth season love triangle, Logan and Veronica’s legacy.


Marshmallows, it’s been 12 years since the cult classic “Veronica Mars” finished its three-season run and returned five years later with a fan-funded film, but now the show is back in full glory with eight episodes of the fourth season.

Originally scheduled for premiere on July 26 on Hulu, the streaming platform today at San Diego Comic-Con surprisingly announced that the former teen drama, now a full-fledged adult drama, is here a week earlier.

Before you meet all your Neptune favorites – like Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell), Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring), Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni), Wallace (Percy Daggs III), Weevil (Francis Capra) and Dick (Ryan Hansen) – let Mr. Echolls tell you what this show created by Rob Thomas is all about.

Jason Dohring (Logan) spoke to IBT about working with Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) on the fourth season. Photo: Hulu / Michael Desmond

Dohring opened up to the International Business Times about the legacy of Veronica and Logan’s LoVe if fans were worried that Leo (Max Greenfield) would come between them, how Logan’s relationship with Veronica’s father has changed and much more.

International business hours: Was it easy for you and Kristen Bell to pick up where you left off, or is it taking a while?

Jason Dohring: I always feel like she’s such a great actress. She’s with you, she just does it. It’s different every time.

IBT: What do you think about the relationship between Logan and Veronica that is so important to so many fans?

Dohring: I think the humor is fantastic. The intelligence of the two characters… and [bell]it means it, and I mean it seriously. I think both of us have just contributed a lot and I think people see this hard work as an actor. Where you don’t just nail it, you’re really there trying to create something special. I think that was especially in a teen drama setting – we were really proud of that. That we were able to put down something meaningful and true and honest and real, and I think that was what I was proud of.

IBT: Veronica will focus on the case of who murders the spring breakers and places bombs in Neptune, but since Logan has returned from the military, what will he focus on?

Dohring: They work together, but they both work on different aspects of the bombing. But it ends with me having some kind of professional interest in it.

Jason Dohring repeats his role as Logan Echolls in the fourth season of Veronica Mars. Photo: JSquared Photography

IBT: When Leo’s back on the show, is there gonna be a little love triangle, or are Logan and Veronica pretty much carved in stone?

Dohring: Absolutely. He’s Mr. Charm Man, and, you’ll see, it’s hard to surpass his charm. He always smiles and is such a great guy. The actor too. You’ll definitely see that some of these aspects leak out in the show as well. And Rob [Thomas] has been setting that up since some of those [“Veronica Mars”] books, I hear.

IBT: Are there any original actors from the show that you wish could have come back for the fourth season?

Dohring: We had some people who died and we also had some superstars on the show – I think we had Armie Hammer on the show, we had Jessica Chastain, we had Amanda Seyfried. So Rob was just always very cool at the talent selection and you would see people who were just making a huge career and they had a part in that show in the original series. Well, it would have been cool.

IBT: Apart from Veronica, what character does Logan spend most of his time with?

Dohring: In the end I had some scenes with J.K. [Simmons playing ex-boyfriend Clyde Prickett] which was cool. And there’s another story that’s got me more involved with the bombing, so there was a family of actors that I had a lot to do with and then I had a lot to do with.

There are also scenes with Keith and Wallace. And with that new kind of attitude where I’m a stabilizing influence, a moral influence, I can now have scenes where me and Keith are against Veronica; where we’re together when we see humor in its persistence together. Aspects I’ve never really been able to participate in because I’ve always been so much oriented toward the morals of other characters.

IBT: It’ll be interesting to see Logan and Keith spend more time together because Keith never really liked him that much.

Dohring: You’re going to experience a whole new dynamic from the beginning.


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