Liteboxer is a home boxing workout that packs a punch.


Liteboxer is a home boxing workout that packs a punch.

On the surface, Liteboxer looks like a game you might find in an arcade – not a workout for your home gym. However, don’t be fooled by Liteboxer’s fun appearance. This is a serious, innovative piece of equipment that challenges our idea of working out at home.

Boxing enthusiasts will love the Liteboxer, but it’s also an excellent choice for anyone looking for an effective cardio workout. With each punch, your muscles will be toned and sculpted. The combination of music and the ability to work out alone or with a trainer makes the workout very effective and engaging.

Even those who are not serious about boxing and are just looking for something new and exciting will find Liteboxer fantastic. It’s a great way for people who are bored of their bikes and tired of treadmills to bring excitement back into an at-home fitness routine.

How does Liteboxer work?

When you first approach the Liteboxer, you’ll see that there are six different punching zones on the front of the machine. During exercise, these zones light up to show the user where to punch. Below the punching zones is also a pad for body hits. The stand directly underneath is used to attach a tablet to broadcast trainer-led workouts.

This system synchronizes the lights with the music using Rhythm Technology. As the number of beats per minute increases, it becomes harder and harder to stay in rhythm, making the experience even more engaging.

The strike zone on the front of the device synchronizes with the rhythm and music to show players where and when to strike. Your heart will race as each sensor lights up and keeps you on your toes. The strike zones are equipped with sensors that calculate your power and accuracy with each strike.

Liteboxer Trainer-guided workouts

When you work out with the Liteboxer, you can choose from a number of different workout types. As you explore the Liteboxer platform, you’ll be guided through rounds of boxing, including active recovery and strength training.

A trainer-led workout can last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes and offers a variety of fitness approaches.

Trainer-led workouts include:

Liteboxer Quick Hitter: a short, high-intensity, 15-minute workout.
Liteboxer Full Body: a 30-minute workout that trains the entire body
Liteboxer Beats: a workout that involves punching to the rhythm of music. This is a short summary.


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