Emma Portner löscht Instagram nach dem Coming-out zur Unterstützung von Trans-Ehepartner Elliot Page


Kurz nachdem Juno und Umbrella Academy-Star Elliot Page öffentlich als Transgender bekannt wurden, plädierte seine fast dreijährige Ehefrau Emma Portner für „Geduld und Privatsphäre“ – und jetzt hat sie die Frage der Privatsphäre selbst in die Hand genommen, indem sie sie gelöscht hat Instagram-Account.

Unmittelbar nach der Ankündigung der 33-jährigen Elliot teilte die 26-jährige Emma die öffentliche Unterstützung, schrieb, sie sei “so stolz” und bat um “leidenschaftliche Unterstützung des Trans-Lebens jeden Tag”.

Aber der öffentliche Diskurs über Elliots Übergang ist für Emma, ​​die seitdem ihre öffentliche Instagram-Seite gelöscht hat, möglicherweise zu überwältigend geworden.

Es ist unklar, wann genau Emmas Seite verschwunden ist, obwohl Elliot immer noch aktiv ist und auf der Plattform veröffentlicht.

Noch am Sonntag veröffentlichte der Star ein Selfie, in dem er eine Brille trug und einen schwarzen Hoodie über den Kopf zog. 

“Aus tiefstem Herzen, danke”, schrieb der Schauspieler an die Anhänger. „Ihre Liebe und Unterstützung war das größte Geschenk. Bleib sicher. Sei füreinander da.

‘Wenn Sie in der Lage sind, unterstützen Sie @transanta und @translifeline. Wir sehen uns 2021. Xoxo Elliot. ‘  

Elliot hat sicherlich viel öffentliche Unterstützung erhalten, unter anderem von anderen Prominenten wie seiner Juno-Co-Star Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, Sir Patrick Stewart, Sophia Bush, Sarah Silverman, Mia Farrow, Patricia Arquette, Alyssa Milano, Kate Dennings und Anna Kendrick. und sogar ehemalige Außenministerin Hillary Clinton.

Busy Philipps, Amber Tamblyn, Olivia Munn, Piper Parabo, Josh Gad, Ron Howard, James Charles, Raquel Willis, James Gunn, and several major brand accounts like Netflix and Lionsgate also shared congratulations on Twitter.

But Elliot — and possibly Emma, by extension — has also had to contend with some cruel, hateful comments from transphobic social media users.

It’s possible that the ugliness became too much for Emma before she decided to take a step back from social media.

DailyMail.com has reached out to a spokesperson for the couple for comment.

In the days immediately following Elliot’s announcement, Emma was vocal in her support of his transition.

‘I am so proud of @elliotpage,’ the dancer first wrote on Instagram. ‘Trans, queer and non-binary people are a gift to this world.

‘I also ask for patience & privacy [and]that you join me in the fervent support of trans life every single day. Elliot’s existence is a gift in and of itself. Shine on sweet E. Love you so much.’

Emma also commented on Elliot’s Instagram post, writing: ‘Love you so much Elliot.’

A couple of days later, though, Emma returned to Instagram Stories to address queries about her own gender identity and sexuality.

Emma cleared up a few misconceptions and questions in a now-expired story, clarifying that she is ‘not Rey from Star Wars’ — the character played by Daisy Ridley — and identifies as a Canadian dancer, choreographer, and student at U of T.

But most importantly, with so much of the conversation swirling around Elliot’s sexuality and gender identity, Emma wanted to remind people that it was just Elliot who shared those personal details.

‘My gender identity, pronouns, and sexuality are private and not up for debate,’ Emma wrote. ‘Would love for the energy in discussion over my identity to shift into addressing the climate crisis or sharing resources to support LGBTQIA2+ resiliency instead.

‘I am so grateful for the accountability, love, and support,’ she added.

Elliot’s announcement made international headlines earlier this month when he broke the news with a candid letter on Instagram and Twitter.

‘Hi friends, I want to share with you that I am trans, my pronouns are he/they and my name is Elliot,’ the star wrote.

‘I feel lucky to be writing this. To have arrived at this place in my life.’

Elliot, who received an Oscar nod for their role in the hit 2008 movie Juno, went on: ‘I feel overwhelming gratitude for the incredible people who have supported me along this journey.

‘I can’t begin to express how remarkable it feels to finally love who I am enough to pursue my authentic self. I’ve been endlessly inspired by so many in the trans community. Thank you for your courage, your generosity, and ceaselessly working to make this world a more inclusive and compassionate place.

‘My joy is real, but it is also fragile,’ the actor said. ‘The truth is, despite feeling profoundly happy right now and knowing how much privilege I carry, I am also scared of the invasiveness, the hate, the “jokes,” and of the violence.

He went on to address the ‘staggering’ statistics of discrimination toward trans people which are ‘insidious and cruel’ and result in ‘horrific consequences’ — nothing that in 2020 alone, it’s been reported that 40 trans people have been murdered.

‘To the political leaders who work to criminalize trans health care and deny our right to exist and to all of those with a massive platform who continue to spew hostility towards the trans community: you have blood on your hands,’ he wrote.

‘You unleash a fury of vile and demeaning rage that lands on the shoulders of the trans community, a community in which 40% of trans adults report attempting suicide. Enough is enough. You aren’t being “cancelled,” you are hurting people. I am one of those people and we won’t be silent in the face of your attacks.

‘I love that I am trans. And I love that I am queer,’ he added. ‘And the more I hold myself close and fully embrace who I am, the more I dream, the more my heart grows and the more I thrive.

‘To all trans people who deal with harassment, self-loathing, abuse and the threat of violence every day: I see you, I love you and I will do everything to change this world for the better.’

Although Elliot did not detail how or when he came out to his family, he thanked his loved ones for their support through his journey, expressing his ‘overwhelming gratitude’ for helping him to reach a stage where he felt comfortable to ‘pursue his authentic self.’

Elliot’s decision to publicly reveal he is transgender came almost three years after he and Emma tied the knot in a secret ceremony, having only been dating publicly for six months. Elliot publicly came out as gay in 2014.

The actor is currently due to begin filming the third season of Netflix hit The Umbrella Academy in February. He plays the role of Vanya Hargreeves, a cisgender woman with the ability to harness sound and convert it into energy.

Quellen sagten Variety, dass Elliot nach seinem Erscheinen weiterhin die Rolle von Vanya Hargreeves spielen werde und “es gibt keine Pläne, das Geschlecht des Charakters zu ändern”.


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