Family Guy”: Deleted story arc includes “The Simpsons” crossover with an affair and a murder


Family Guy”: Deleted story arc includes “The Simpsons” crossover with an affair and a murder

When it comes to animated comedy aimed at adults rather than children, Fox has dominated the landscape for quite some time. Two of their most successful animated series, dating back to the ’90s, are “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy.”

While both have a huge fan base, there has also been a fierce rivalry between them, with some claiming that “Family Guy” is a ripoff of “The Simpsons.” Although the rivalry has become friendlier in recent years, it wasn’t always so. Let’s take a closer look at a deleted “Family Guy” story that involved a crossover with “The Simpsons,” complete with an affair and several murders.

‘The Simpsons’ is one of the longest-running TV series in history

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The Simpsons began as a series of shorts on the Tracey Ullman Show on Fox. From there, it transitioned into its own series. Although the series took a minute to get going, it was almost immediately popular. While it had simple storylines and somewhat sloppy animation in its first two seasons, it eventually became one of the greatest comedy series in television history.

Not only did the series have a diverse voice cast, but it also had some of the best comedy writers in the business in its ranks. Legendary comedy minds like Conan O’Brien and Dana Gould collaborated on the series.

The Simpsons tells the story of an ordinary family in the town of Springfield. The family consists of father Homer, mother Marger, brother Bart and sisters Maggie and Lisa.

The series is also known for its large collection of supporting characters that provide many laughs. Characters such as Moe the bartender, police chief Wiggum and director Skinner appear semi-regularly, while others such as Disco Stu make more sporadic but nonetheless hilarious appearances.

While the series has not enjoyed the same critical success in recent years as it did in its first 10 years, it… This story is a short summary. I hope you enjoyed it.


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